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“Peter-Keiser Saal: The Tango concert delighted the audience in Eschen, Liechtenstein: The popular singer, Marisol Redondo, known in Europe and South America, performed on Monday at the Conservatory of Music. In addition to the voice of Ms. Redondo, the audience was delighted with the three musicians who accompanied her on a stage decorated as a bar in Buenos Aires as they took the audience on a tour of the history of Tango.”

Vollksblatt Liechtenstein


“Pure emotion with Marisol and her quartet. Success: From the origin of Tango, to classic Milongas and then to Tango Nuevo, the attractive singer took the audience in Eschen on a trip through the history of her passion for singing. The entire audience showed their appreciation with a standing ovation and applause at the end of the concert.”

Liechtensteiner Vaterland


“Marisol Redondo, transports us to the country of the song that she interprets. She captures the “nuances” and style of the “profound” emotions of South America and Spain with a spontaneous selection of popular folk songs.”

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung


“Her concert in the Poliorama was a brilliant demonstration of vocal technique, musical interpretation and artistic ability in every aspect.”

La Vanguardia


“The intensity, temperament, personal charm and especially the captivating voice of Marisol Redondo transforms the songs she sings from South America, Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque Country into a unique experience to remember.”

Kanapee.de, Hannover


“She not only receives applause, but also astonishment […] because: She exudes energy with her voice, with a profound musical understanding, Spanish temperament, Catalan sensitivity, plays astounding guitar …”

Hannover Weekly Newspaper


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