MARISOL REDONDO was born in Uruguay and moved to Spain when she was 13 years old. There she became known for her interpretation of Spanish and South American songs through many public appearances (among others at the “Palau de la Musica” and “Teatro Poliorama” in Barcelona).

Her musical career began while participating with her family in the “Cantando en Familia” singing contest in Montevideo, Uruguay where she recorded her first single. In Spain, she performed for several years in Barcelona, offering concerts songs from the area of the River Platte and elsewhere in South America, continuing later her solo career.

She was presented with the “Catalan Song” award, which took her on a tour of various theaters in Barcelona (Palau de la Música, Poliorama), as well television and radio performances after which she recorded her second single “Tú – No soc feliç” and the album “Horizons” together with other artists in the Catalan language. In 2018, she returned to her home country Uruguay and recorded her latest album “El día que me quieras” in Montevideo together with the accomplished and internationally recognised maestro guitarist Julio Cobelli, as well as songs on the folk harp together with the Paraguayan harpist Luis Alvarenga.

Her most memorable tours in Europe include:

  • “A orillas del río Uruguay” (2016 with her sister Sara)
  • “Música y Tango” (2017 with her sister Mariela)
  • “Richtertango” (2017)
  • “Tango para vos (z)” (2018 with the musicians Sebastián Noya, Orlando Dibelo y Sándor Törok)

In Uruguay she presents her album “El día que me quieras” in a tour with Julio Cobelli and other recognised musicians from Uruguay.

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